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Have a look at this if you need nice ideas for decorating with pictures and different types of frames.

Connecting the Dots

What do these images have in common? Polka dots of course! I’ve always admired polka dot patterns in fashion for their classic yet playful look so it’s no surprise that I’ve been loving rooms that feature dots lately. I particularly like black polka dots on a white wall as it pairs well with a minimalist style—it stands out but won’t be obtrusive, especially if you use smaller dots and not bold, larger ones. If you aren’t ready for a whole lotta dots, try accessorizing with polka dots like the spotted lanterns above (stick dot decals on a simple paper lantern) or polka dot pillows.

Photos via Mode de boulangerie, Emma’s Design Blog, Pinterest, Decor Love, Decorista

A Trend Forecaster’s Los Angeles Home

Being a trend forecaster for brands like Express and Tory Burch, Anne Ziegler spends her days looking at magazines, books, and blogs for inspiration on what’s next. Since her job is so visual, she wanted her home to be a peaceful oasis away from the over-stimulation of her everyday work routine. I love how she paired lower end Ikea pieces (the dining chairs and faux sheep skin rugs on the office chairs) with higher end pieces throughout her home. One of my favorite spaces is the bedroom as I’ve been really into blue, white and brass lately. That amazing polka dot quilt is from Les Indiennes and is reversible. If anyone knows where that bedside lamp is from, please share! I’m in love.

Photos via Domino and Apartment Therapy

Empire chandeliers from Marjorie Skouras Design

Love the one in the centre.

A Not So Beachy Beach House

This beach side home in South Padre Island was designed by Sarah Stacey Design. The story behind the space is that the owners did not want to have a typical “beach feel” to the place but instead, a cool and relaxed vibe. There isn’t a single sea shell in sight and I love it! The couple has two teenage sons who would be heading back and forth to the beach so it was important for everything to be easily cleaned—the floors aren’t actually wood, but tiles. I like how the colors in the artwork and textiles are reminiscent of water color paintings—a great way to pay homage to the beach without being too cheesy. The standout piece is definitely the light fixture from Warbach Lighting, gorgeous!

Photos via Apartment Therapy



Slice of multi-grain toast with mashed avocado, paprika, cayenne, a poached egg and chia seeds.

Awesomely Accessorized Kid’s Room

This room belongs to a lucky little girl named Della whose parents are the creative duo behind the graphic print shop Miniwilla. What I love about kids’ rooms is that they grow with the child and give you an excuse to update, redecorate and experiment—so fun! I like how the room is mainly black and white with pops of color thanks to the prints and accessories. I’ve also seen that motif that’s on the rug used in a wallpaper design and it looks awesome as a wallpaper as well. And how cool is that pastel pink Superwoman print? I want one!

Photos via My Scandinavian Home 


boutiquebirichina I have a feeling you’ll love this as much as I do!

brendamarie Loved this! Thanks for sharing! You guys should check out this home tour. A 96 year-old is selling her home of 72 years and it’s an explosion of 50’s pastels and patterns—in the best way ever! It couldn’t have looked more perfect if it had been decorated by a set designer.

Bigger’s better right? While this isn’t always the case (please get your mind out of the gutter, this isn’t the place for that. Kidding, it’s always the place for that!) it definitely is for kitchens. Who wouldn’t want an airy, open kitchen to entertain guests or even just to entertain yourself? While I was browsing some of my favorite blogs I came across Blanc Grenade’s tips on how to make a kitchen appear bigger. I loved the post so much that I thought I’d post a similar English version for you.

1) Replace a few cabinets with open shelving

While some may hate this idea and argue that it only attracts more dust, no one can doubt the ability of open shelving to really open up a space. Wall-to-wall and floor-to ceiling cabinetry will do the opposite.

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Before & After: A Manhattan Small Space Makeover

Looking at the before, you’d never guess that these images are of the same space. That is some true make-over/voodoo magic! I’m Italian and grew up around many-a-plastic covered sofas, so I can actually say with total sincerity that the before does have a certain suburban charm to it. You can take a moment to laugh at me. The after is serene and makes the place look so much bigger. The strategic use of mirrors creates the illusion of larger spaces and the white brick walls and open shelving help the apartment to feel more open.

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